winter If you've got an account with SWTP, you've got an email on the way with a few free question, a thank you for your service as a social worker, and a coupon code for that will save you an additional twenty percent (!) this holiday season. (Hint: it's one of the words in the post's title plus the number 20.)

Thank you for all you do. For choosing social work. For working to help improve people's lives. You may not always hear it from people, but you are making a difference.

Meanwhile, we're trying to make it easier for you to move through the next step in your social work career by helping you pass the ASWB exam. If you don't already have an SWTP account, it's time! When you sign up, you get our free study guide for the social work licensing exam, which contains even more free practice questions plus suggestions about how to approach your studying and tackle questions on the big test.

Resolved to pass the exam soon? Let us help. The test can be tricky, but it's not impossible. Social workers like you pass the exam all the time.

You're next.

Happy holidays!

December 20, 2019