A winter's tale from Shannon W. via Facebook--we somehow missed it when she posted back in December.

I passed!!! First try!!!! Drove 3 hours to take it - passed - drove back home and it took 5 hours because the interstate was shut down because of a windstorm knocking trees and power lines down. I had made it home safe and sound and this is the best Christmas present I could have given myself! I graduated in 2007 - had a kiddo with medical issues in 2009 - and just went through a divorce. I'm so proud of myself!!!

Congratulations, Shannon! We're proud too!

Social workers are a feisty, relentless, persevering bunch. Windstorms and parenting and illness and divorce? Just obstacles for Shannon, not roadblocks. Whatever you're facing as you prepare for the ASWB exam, here's hoping you can push through. You've got a lot of social workers out there rooting for you. Team SWTP included.

February 26, 2019
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