boxerHere's another free ASWB exam practice question from our old bonus exam. The more practice you get, the better.

A man in his 40s comes to a mental health clinic complaining of gradual memory loss and occasional confusion, such as getting lost on the way to a job he has held for years. The man is a retired boxer who suffered multiple concussions during his career. The MOST likely diagnosis for this client is:

A. Post-traumatic stress disorder
B. Alzheimer's disease
C. Delirium
D. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy

What do you think?

Narrowing it down: With delirium, the onset of confusion is generally rapid; this client reports that his memory and confusion has been getting worse over time. The client does not mention any of the signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. Although Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, the patient's relatively young age, along with his history of head trauma, make him a more likely candidate for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. So you have  your answer: D.

Find more about CTE from the Mayo Clinic here

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Happy studying and good luck on the exam!


-- Will Baum, LCSW

January 28, 2019
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