What to do when a colleague says she hates her clients? This practice question, pulled from an earlier post, gets you to the answer. (Spoiler: knowing the NASW Code of Ethics is a big help!) Here's the Facebook no-longer-live video.

A psychiatric hospital social worker tells her supervisor she's been feeling irritable, exhausted, restless at night, and unsure of her ability to do her job anymore. She's thinking of quitting. The supervisor suggests a new hobby, some exercise, and time with friends. How is the supervisor most likely conceptualizing the social worker's complaints?

A) As depression.

B) As adjustment disorder.

C) As compassion fatigue.

D) As acute stress disorder.

What's your answer and how did you arrive at it? See our path here:

The sound is muddy. (Seems it came through the camera, not the headphones.) Living and learning. Enjoy!

March 25, 2019
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