Andrea Passed the Bachelors Exam "I am excited to announce the passing of my exam!"

Congratulations, Andrea!

Andrea's now an LSW in Mississippi. Passing the ASWB exam can open all kinds of doors. New positions, new jobs, new salary. Get started on getting licensed by signing up for full-length exams here on SWTP. Good luck Andrea on post-licensure social working. And, for everyone prepping for the big test, good luck. Congratulations in advance!

Speaking of the ASWB exam (which we always are), here's a sample question about community social work:

A community social worker is tasked with addressing a growing issue of substance abuse among young adults in their community. After conducting a needs assessment, they discover that the lack of accessible mental health resources and social support is contributing to this problem. Which of the following actions would be the most appropriate initial step to address this issue?

A) Conduct a research study on substance abuse patterns among young adults in the community.

B) Advocate for increased funding and resources to improve mental health services in the community.

C) Implement a public awareness campaign on the dangers of substance abuse.

D) Collaborate with local healthcare facilities to establish support groups for young adults dealing with substance abuse.

What's your answer?

We like answer D, establish substance use support groups.


It's the answer that most directly answers the problem stated in the question. You can think of a question like this as partially reading comprehension/focus as much as social work. Focusing on one question is doable. But try 170 questions in 4 hours. You get worn out!

For those who liked option B -- yes, that all sounds great and important, but it may take time to secure additional funding and implement new resources. Support groups can be established more quickly and directly address the lack of social support for young adults dealing with substance abuse.

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March 27, 2019
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