We hope you're staying safe and well during this strange time. You may find you have some extra hours freed up. Time that might've been spent working, socializing, etc. If you're a parent of young kids, you may find you've never had less time to get everything done.

With the economy rocked by widespread stay-in orders and unemployment, if you're still seeing clients, you're likely encountering a new wave of hardship and trauma. Please take care of yourself.

Every day, the web is filled with ideas about how to make the most of the crisis: by helping others, by being productive, by not worrying about being productive. Here's another idea to throw into the mix: consider using the time to take a practice exam or two or more. (What else do you expect a exam prep site to suggest?)

And during this time, if you're shopping for anything, don't pay full price when you can avoid it. Coupons and deals abound. Social Work Test Prep is no exception.

Right now, use coupon code STUDYSAFE20 for an additional 20% off exams and exam bundles. Enter it at checkout (be sure to hit the green arrows to see this discount register). And you're on your way.

Stay safe, study safe, and good luck on the licensing exam!

April 13, 2020
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