christina passed the aswb examMore ASWB exam success. Here's Christina with her pass sheet.

Congratulations Christina!

You're next. Get practice, get licensed. We've got five, full-length (170-question) practice tests and two booster tests (one DSM, one ethics) to get you good and ready to go pass the licensing exam.

When you pass, hope you'll share your good news! Some benefits of spreading the word far and wide:

Celebration and pride: Sharing the news allows you to celebrate your achievement and share your joy with others. It can be a way to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

Support and encouragement: By sharing success, you'll receive messages of support and encouragement from other social workers, reinforcing your sense of accomplishment.

Inspiration and motivation: Sharing exam success stories can inspire and motivate others who are on the same journey. It can serve as a reminder that hard work and determination can lead to positive outcomes, and it may encourage others to push through challenges on the way to social work licensure.

But first, you have to get started.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

November 25, 2020
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