lawanda passed the indian lcsw examSWTP was instrumental in building my confidence level after failing by 1 point the first time. Nailed it this time! Thanks, SWTP! - Lawanda, new LCSW

Congratulations, Lawanda!

If you're looking to pass the social work licensing exam, we're here to help. SWTP's five complete exams and two boosters (DSM & ethics) are a terrific way to learn the exam process, learn exam content, and get you set to face the real thing with confidence.

The ASWB exam can seem overwhelming, but it's just a collection of straightforward questions about social work practice. The material is learnable. The experience-170 questions in four hours-is something you can train to get ready for, like runners prepare for a marathon.

Practice tests are the best prep we know of. That's why the heart of the SWTP program is practice tests, thorough rationales, and links for reading on topics that you're looking to grasp further.

Get started with licensing exam practice-and get our free study guide-by creating your account.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

April 15, 2021
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