I HIGHLY recommend this study program!From the SWTP inbox:

Thank You Social Work Test Prep!!

I was extremely nervous as I sat getting ready to take the Master's exam! I was originally scheduled for August 2nd, panicked and re- scheduled for November 2nd. My 90 days with you guys had expired, but it was super simple to get an extension!

The material was great, I was able to sit and study and PASSED my exam on my first try!!! I felt pretty good going in! Most of my classmates did NOT pass on their first try, and paid for very expensive study aids. I found SWTP to be fairly priced and they definitely helped!!

I HIGHLY recommend this study program!

Thanks again!


Congratulations, Jessica! And congratulations to all who have recently passed the social work licensing exam. Way to go!

Be like Jessica-save money, prepare smart, and pass the exam with SWTP. Create an account to get started…now!

November 10, 2021
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