josh lmsw licenseJosh used SWTP…and now he's got this Licensed Master Social Worker certificate to hang up. If you want to study the way he studied, here's what he suggests.

Take one full length 4 hour exam 5 days a week 1 month before your test date to prepare. Learning how to sit for 4 hours and read through each question is imperative to passing the test.

So, one grueling week going through all the material, then a month to review. Then pass.

You may not have four free hours on a weekday to squeeze in a practice test. Another similar way to go, reserve four hours on five consecutive weekends to run a full-length practice test and review through the week that follows.

Others might break exams into manageable sections, doing maybe an hour at a time here and there. You know you. You know what will work best for you.

However you plan to structure your studying, it all starts with creating an SWTP account, getting our free study guide, and ordering up some exams (they'll appear instantly (or near-instantly) on the Your Exams page).

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

April 11, 2022
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