ajalea passed the utah clinical exam celebrationI passed. Thank you all!!!!

Ajalea pass the clinical exam in Utah. Her words of encouragement for people still studying:

When passion exists within a social worker it's a different type of determination to keep striving and never giving up on what we have started, whether it's personal or for another individual. Don't give up on something you want to do or become... 

If you didn't have passion for social work, you probably would have found another career a long time ago. Ajalea's right-don't let the ASWB exam be an obstacle to what you want to do.

The test is hard, but you can pass it. With preparation, you can go in with relative calm, plough through those 170 question in the allotted time, and come out like Ajalea did, with a sheet reading PASS to celebrate (and share here!).

To get started, just create an account. You'll get our free social work exam study guide and be on your way to lots and lots of helpful, realistic practice.

You can do it!

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

June 29, 2022
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