mountain reachedGreat note from Filipina!

I used [another program] to study and failed twice. The third time around, I researched other options. I was desperate to pass because my ASW# was set to expire 20 days from the date I was scheduled to retake the test. I realized that it wasn't the materials that I wasn't retaining, rather, it was more what the question stem was asking. [The other program] did not provide this. 

I was dumbfounded when I took the test the first time and felt completely lost and immediately defeated. I knew I wouldn't pass…. I didn't pass - twice!

Your program was so exactly like the test!  While studying, the options to take your exams, study mode or exam, allowed me to really sit and review the question in its entirety and retrain my brain to look for keywords. The explanation of each answer was fantastic!

I recommended your program to all of my peers who are studying for the exam.

Thank you so much! Because of your program, I passed!!!! 



Congratulations, Filipina! So glad you found SWTP!

Reader, you're next. Create an account to get started with our full-length practice tests and boosters. We're here to help you pass the social work licensing exam, just like Filipina. (And, like Filipina, hope you'll let us know when you do!)

Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

October 31, 2022
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