Need help getting around the site? Here's a series of quick videos answering basic questions. We'll add to these over time. If you have specific questions, you'd like to see addressed here, please let us know!

Among the questions answered so far: Signing up and logging in, locating exams, and going to completed exams and exams in progress. If you don't see your question answered here, try our FAQ page

Question: Where are my purchased exams?

Answer: Click on "Your Account" and then on "Your Exams." Tests will be in the drop-down menu there.


Question: Where are my completed exams? Where are my exams in progress?

Answer: Go to "Your Account," then "Your Exams." Scroll down. Your completed exams and exams in progress are there. Click on the one you want to review or continue to proceed. 


Question: How do I log in? How do I sign up?

Answer: Hit the Sign Up or Login button and go from there. 


Question: What are the different ways to study with SWTP exams?

Answer: Exam Mode (timed, no stopping, like the real test); Study Mode (start and stop, check answers, see suggested study links); Review Mode (revisit completed exams).


Question: How do I prepare to pass the social work licensing exam?

No video needed for that (though we've made a bunch of them anyway--all collected on SWTP's YouTube channel).

Answer: Use SWTP practice tests. Nothing prepares you for the ASWB exam like realistic, real-time practice. Get started now by signing up!

Some other of pages that may answer more general questions about SWTP offerings:

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LCSW Practice Exam

LMSW Practice Exam

LSW Practice Exam

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Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

June 14, 2023
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