cardboard cut-out question marksHere’s a list of questions that Google lists out when you search for social work exam practice–questions, we assume, that people regularly ask on the search engine. We’ve answered them all here to save you unnecessary clicking. Have questions that aren’t answered here? Write us. We'll try to help!

What is a passing score on the ASWB practice exam?

Generally, 65%-75%. The passing score for the ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards) exam varies depending on the specific version of the exam you are taking, as well as the state or jurisdiction in which you are seeking licensure.

Each state or jurisdiction sets its own passing score for the ASWB exam, which may range from 65% to 75% or higher. 

What percentage of people pass the ASWB exam?

According to ASWB, pass rates for its exams typically range from 70% to 85% for first-time test-takers. The eventual pass rate is 88%, with some startling racial discrepancies which have led many to call for a rethinking of the licensure process. In 2023, the NASW declared its opposition to using the ASWB exam for licensure.

How long should you study for the ASWB exam?

It's important to develop a study plan that allows you to cover all of the exam content areas thoroughly and to allocate enough time to take and review practice tests. For most people, that falls somewhere between one and three months.

How many questions are graded on the ASWB exam?

Of the 170 questions on the ASWB exam, 150 count toward your score (the other 20 are being tested out for use in future exams).

How many questions can you get wrong on ASWB exam?

Passing is generally between 65-75% on the ASWB exam. That means that out of 150 scored questions, you need to correctly answer 97-112. That means you can get approximately 38-53 questions wrong and pass.

Is the ASWB exam all multiple choice?

Yes. The ASWB exam consists of 170 multiple choice questions which must be completed (in the absence of accommodations) in four hours. There are usually four answer options provided (A, B, C, & D); some questions have just three answer options (A, B, & C).

What does the ASWB exam look like?

Find images from the ASWB exam in the ASWB Examination Guidebook.

Which site is best for ASWB clinical exam?

That’s easy:!


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May 5, 2023
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