Passing the ASWB exam and getting licensed takes time, money, motivation, and dedication--in other words, it's a hassle. Is it all worth it? 

In a word: yes. Being licensed in social work offers multiple advantages that can enhance your professional career and enable you to make a greater impact on the clients you've entered social work to help. Here are a few of the big pluses of licensure:

Professional Credibility: Fairly or unfairly, licensure demonstrates your expertise, competency, and adherence to ethical standards in the field of social work. It signifies that you have met the necessary educational requirements, clinical experience, and have passed any required licensing exams, which enhances your credibility and professional reputation.

Expanded Career Opportunities: Many job positions in social work prefer or require licensed candidates. Having a social work license opens doors to a wider range of job opportunities, including in clinical settings, private practice, government agencies, healthcare institutions, schools, and nonprofit organizations. A big reason why: Licensure can also provide eligibility for reimbursement from insurance companies, enabling you to provide billable services.

Higher Earning Potential: Social workers are often underpaid. With licensure, social workers can have access to higher-paying positions and increased earning potential. 

Increased Autonomy: Post-licensure, many social workers find greater professional autonomy and independence. Workplaces tend to trust licensed social workers to diagnose, develop treatment plans, and provide therapy or counseling services, allowing for more direct client care and decision-making responsibilities.

Credibility and trust, opportunity, money, autonomy--all good things. It takes a lot of effort to become a professional social worker. The ASWB exam is the last hurdle to get you to the next level of professional licensure and its many advantages. Prepare to pass it and enjoy those advantages with SWTP practice tests. Looking forward to seeing your proud, newly-licensed selfie soon.

Happy studying, good luck on the exam, and happy licensure!

May 22, 2023
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