SWTP Practice Test , Book ThreeThere's no better way to get ready to pass the social work licensing exam than with practice, practice, practice.

We've taken our ASWB Exam #3 and put it between printed covers for those who prefer to liberate themselves once in a while from screens, screens, screens. Kick back in your favorite spot, grab a pencil, and fill up with social work licensing exam knowledge, one page at a time. 

Get practice, get licensed!

Practice Test for the Social Work Licensing Exam: Exam Three includes 170 questions and rationales covering all content areas on the ASWB exam. You learn not just what to expect on the exam content-wise, but also what it feels like to take the exam--the test-taking process.

Access to the online version of exam #3 comes with your purchase of the book (the questions are the same). The book lists for $49.99. You should be able to find a better deal at Amazon and will definitely find a better deal from us. 

Order the print edition at Amazon.com. If you'd like to get started immediately, try the digital version of the exam. Our refunds and returns policy is here. Those options again:

Good luck on the exam!