Social Work PodcastYou know people who have passed this exam. Even if you're not friends with any of them. You went to school with them. They are your co-workers. Track them down and talk to them. They have ideas. They have materials.

Maybe, if you're lucky, you can find a set of books that hasn't been scrawled in. A set of CDs. Maybe someone has ready-made index cards (though making them yourself is considered better learning). Get 'em. Look 'em over. Use them. The exam is updated, information changes, but not by much. Materials that are only a few years old are going to be just fine.

Then try this: The Social Work Podcast. Out of the apparent goodness of his heart, LCSW Jonathan Singer, a doctoral student at University of Pittsburgh, has been posting mini-lectures about "all things social work" since early '07. Podcasts cover, in easy-to-digest, half-hour-or-so chunks, lots of stuff you need to know for the exam.

I've got them in an iPod via iTunes and listen as I commute. Start with the beginning. It unfolds not unlike a high-end test prep course. Kind of awesome.

January 2, 2009
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