Three ChoicesYou can pass the exam without signing up for an expensive test prep program. Me, I chose to spend the money. It takes a real bite out of any MSW's salary. But, the argument goes, it's an investment. Like school. And you'll be paying that loan off forever. I'm in California. A few names kept coming recommended from LCSW friends and acquaintances. They were:

Berkeley Training Associates
Gerry Grossman

These pages will discuss these and other options in future posts. Short version: Word was the Gerry Grossman is more MFT-oriented...Berkeley was a little dry...In any case, I chose AATBS. So far, so good.

Ed Note: This was before SWTP offered practice tests. Now, of course, we'd choose Social Work Test Prep. You should too. Sign up to get started!

January 2, 2009
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