Social Work Exam PrepNow I tell me. Using Google's keyword tool, it becomes clear that I may have misnamed this blog (assuming I've been putting it together to be read and used and not just to divert my own test--I mean, exam--anxiety). Check out the numbers: In an average month, according to Google, people search the phrase "social work exam" 8,100 times, which is a lot. Not "Paris Hilton" a lot (3,350,000), but a lot.

By contrast, "social work test"--the phrase more likely to lead people here--weighs in at only 1,600 monthly searches. Other strong hitters include, "aswb examination" (12,100) and "lcsw exam" (2,900), "social work licensing exam" (1,000), and "social worker exam" (1,000). Makes sense. But does this? Over four million people search the word "exam" on Google each month. Just on its own. Well, now those phrases are here, too, for what it's worth. Not that you care at all. But life can't be all memorizing Piaget's stages of development, can it?...Can it?

Note from the future: We kept writing and writing and writing. Practice questions, tips and tricks, and lots of stories of social workers using SWTP to pass the exam. Want help finding it all? Here's a quick guide to getting around the SWTP blog

January 18, 2009
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