Social Work Test Prep started as a blog in 2009--a recording of one person's ASWB exam prep, sharing difficult concepts and online resources--helping other social workers pass the licensing exam. After a couple of years, that help expanded into offering high-quality, low-cost ASWB exam practice.

The blog, meanwhile, kept going. More than a dozen years later, there are hundreds upon hundreds of posts covering all corners of the social work exam prep journey. There are several ways to navigate through all the offerings. The simplest is to navigate by category tag. To help make that simpler, here are quick descriptions of the current tags on the site.

ASWB What to expect when you sit down for the exam. FAQs about exam process, content, and administration are answered here.

Audio Podcasts and other test prep for commuters and auditory learners. 

BBS The ASWB exam is used throughout the U.S. and Canada. Californians have an additional exam to take, administered by the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). 

CEs Continuing education resources.

Courses From the early days of the blog, posts about various exam prep company offerings.

DSM Exploring the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Note: Earliest posts cover DSM-IV-TR. That's how old the blog is.

Ethics The ins and outs of the NASW Code of Ethics and how to ethics knowledge on the licensing exam.

Exam Day What to expect on the day of the test, including narratives by social workers who've taken and passed the exam.

Extra Knowledge Covering material that is touched on in the ASWB exam outline, but may be more obscure and less likely to appear on every edition of the ASWB exam.

Flash Cards Mostly free flash card resources on the web.

Interviews Conversations with exam prep pros from the early days of the blog.

Knowledge Material worth reviewing as you prepare for the exam. 

Law & Ethics Exam A corner for Californians, who have to take an additional CA-specific law and ethics exam before continuing on to the ASWB exam.

LCSW, LGSW, LICSW, LMSW, LSW Success stories and suggestions for each exam level.

Less Stress Help managing test anxiety.

Mailbag Letters to SWTP, mostly from social workers who have passed the exam. See "Success Stories" for more recent exam passing reports.

Materials Exam prep materials profiled, including those on SWTP.

Meta SWTP on SWTP. Things like the post you're reading right now.

Misc Posts that don't fit into other categories.

Passed the ASWB Exam Stay inspired by browsing these announcements of excitement and relief from proud, recently-licensed social workers.

Practice Free practice questions! For obvious reasons, the blog's most popular category.

Procrastination Help with staying motivated and moving forward with your test prep.

Q&A Underpopulated category with some older tips, tricks, and answers to FAQs.

Quiz Fun, extra test prep in various non-ASWB-style formats (eg Fill in the Blank and Name That Treatment)

Special Offers Coupons (mostly expired). Look for emails from SWTP for latest, most generous coupon offers.

Success Stories First-hand accounts from SWTP users of passing the ASWB exam 

Theory Knowledge category focused on various social work theories.

Tips and Tricks Collected strategies to boost your chances on the exam.

Tutoring Profiles of SWTP-affiliated tutors. Write us to be connected with one of them.

Video YouTube practice question walk-throughs, A/V theory explanations, and the like.

Vignette From the earliest days of the blog, when there was a separate Vignette exam in CA. May still be useful as extra practice. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Write us. Maybe we'll turn the answer to your question into the next blog post.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

May 13, 2023
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