April 3, 2011  |  misc  |  procrastination

Trying to pass the exam? Here's a researched-based how-to from PsyBlog.  Eleven bullets about how to achieve anything. (described on the site): 1. Stop fantasizing 2. Start committing 3. Start starting 4. Visualise process NOT outcome 5.

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Success Story:  KC

Success Story: KC

December 10, 2009  |  success stories  |  less stress  |  procrastination

From my inbox--KC, recent CA exam passer.  Thanks and congratulations! Thanks for your website--really helpful for me in passing the California Written Clinical. Here's what worked for me (and what didn't).

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Social Work Exam Procrastination

Social Work Exam Procrastination

October 29, 2009  |  less stress  |  procrastination

Difficulty getting down to it and studying?  You're in the good company of just about everyone attempting to prepare for the exam.  People get overwhelmed by it all and...just do something else.

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