CommuteHaving tried the AATBS and Gerry Grossman CDs, turning now to free test prep audio. (It's a really long commute.)

There are a few options available through iTunes. For starters, try the Social Work Podcast (mentioned several times already on these pages). Good for clear, listenable explanations of theory. Then, for diagnostic refresher, try Dana Leighton's Abnormal Psych lectures. Prof. Leighton knows his stuff, and is in no hurry to get through the material. The result is semi-soothing walk through collections of disorders (mood, psychotic, etc.). And since the students and video clips aren't miked, there are longish info-free moments (aka silence). For this prepper, a each lull a warmly welcomed rest from the daily cram.

I'll add others as I find them (and as you suggest them). Enjoy.

January 29, 2009
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