Record PlayerMy iPod is semi-crammed with social work exam prep audio. My commute is long. So I've just about made it through two sets of prep CDs--AATBS and Gerry Grossman.

In brief: The AATBS approach is to stuff an overwhelming amount of info into a small set of CDs. A sometimes maddeningly monotone voice reads off the essentials, 50 minutes at a time--DSMDiagnosis, Law & Ethics, etc. A hard listen. But...good for cramming in info that's likely to come up on the test.  Probably worth re-suffering through right before exam time.

The Gerry Grossman discs I have are a series of clear, calm, theory-focused half-hours.  Each takes an approach (e.g., Gestalt, Strategic Family Therapy) and breaks it down by history, assessment, interventions, etc.  There's a pause between each section--a gentle hand-holding that has little in common with the AATBS stream of facts.

Which is better?  Neither, both.  Completely different approaches.  If you can get hold of both, do. [NEW ANSWER: NEITHER--USE SWTP!]

Haven't heard the BTA or other course audio...yet.  Please feel free--companies or customers--to send them my way:  socialworkprep [at]  Thanks in advance.


UPDATE:  I finally called to talk to an AATBS advisor (who advises calling the advisors earlier in the prep process than I did).  Also advised:  Listening to the AATBS CDs over and over--as much as 15 times each.  The maddening monotone is intentional.  They want you to be able to listen without really listening.  Half-listen while you drive, half-listen while you exercise, half-listen while you cook...and just let it all soak in.

January 27, 2009
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