MailbagHere, some questions from my inbox today, w/ my answers: [Re how I studied...] I coughed up the $$$ for AATBS--really expensive. It may be possible to get their materials (or others) second-hand through ebay or craigslist. You can try posting a comment on the blog and see if readers respond, too.

How long did you study for the exam? Number of hours per day.
I tried to do an hour a day, weekdays + four hours a day on weekends (2 hrs in a.m, 2 hrs at night) for a few months. A lot of that time was spent listening to cds and podcasts while I commuted. (Podcasts are linked on the blog.)

When you studied did you break down by sections?
That's how AATBS does it--so...yep.

Did the audio cds help you?
Audio--cd's plus podcasts (including lectures) were very, very helpful.

When did you start answering the questions, i.e. after studying material?

AATBS suggests you start answering questions right away. (I had waited a bit.) Practicing on the computer in real time (in CA, that meant taking several 4-hour practice exams) was invaluable. Like prepping for a marathon, which is kind of what the exam felt like. Hope this helps. Good luck. Please consider posting any additional questions on the blog--others may have different/better answers and I can answer there as well.

UPDATE: SWTP practice test are better! Sign up to get started!

July 23, 2009
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