book cover, cognitive therapy: basics and beyond, by judith beckWant to learn CBT? Read Judith Beck's Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond. Want to know enough about CBT for the test? Here's a CBT summary at Psych Central.

Basically, CBT works by identifying, tackling, and changing unhelpful thinking so that your mindset, behaviors, and overall well-being improve with practice.

When you change the way you feel about specific situations, for example, it will likely be easier to adapt your behaviors in the future.

In mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, substance use, phobias, and many others, negative thinking takes many forms, like:

    • thinking in black and white
    • overgeneralizing
    • ignoring the positive and focusing on the negative
    • catastrophizing

CBT strategies might include:

    • keeping track of your thoughts and reviewing them later
    • confronting situations that create anxiety to learn coping mechanisms
    • practicing problem-solving with your therapist
    • role-playing interactions with others

Will this be on the test? Chances are, one way or another, yes!

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July 29, 2009
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