Flag _of _CaliforniaLCSW bound (meaning licensed in California)? You need to know this stuff. Here, for everyone else USA, are the reporting numbers and websites nationwide.

• Under 18 (14-17 years)
1. Physical abuse (including abuse by a dating partner).
2. Rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse of any kind.

• Under 16 (14 or 15 years)
1. Consensual sexual intercourse with a partner 21 years or older (statutory rape).
2. Consensual sexual activity of any kind with a partner 10 or more years older.

• Under 14 (13 years or less)
1. All of above.
2. Partner is 14 years or older.

• Consensual sexual activity between minors under 14 years who are "of like age."
• Consensual sexual activity between minors aged 14 to 20.*
• Consensual sexual activity between a minor 16 or older and the other partner is an adult of any age.*

[* No report is required unless additional facts (beyond the sexual activity itself) give rise to a reasonable suspicion of abuse.]

March 6, 2009
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