Nervous SystemThis one (thanks II, Susan!) looks to be available only through iTunes. It's Dr. David Cecil's "Mental Health Concepts." Includes Powerpoint slides (please ignore these if listening while driving). UPDATE: Resource gone. Try SWTP practice tests instead!

Here's a mental health concept--new to me--to ponder: Ryff's Six-Factor Model of Psychological Well-Being.

The six-factor model of psychological well-being is a theory developed by Carol Ryff which determines six factors which contribute to an individual's psychological well-being, contentment, and happiness. Psychological well-being consists of self-acceptance, positive relationships with others, autonomy, environmental mastery, a feeling of purpose and meaning in life, and personal growth and development. Psychological well-being is attained by achieving a state of balance affected by both challenging and rewarding life events.

Social workers help with all of those, all of the time.

March 8, 2009