How much? Free!SWTP's free practice questions are here. You'll find additional free practice questions some versions of the ASWB Examination Handbook. Compared to the prep-course questions I've seen, these were pretty much gimmes. Here's hoping they're more like the actual exam.

Also in the handbook, an exhaustive list of everything you're supposed to know for the exam. The full list lasts pages. Treat it as a checklist, if you like. Not advised. What you need to know for the social work licensing exam, you mostly already know.  You know if from school, you know it from internships, you know it from work, you know it from common sense. What's needed to pass the exam is sorting by-the-book knowledge from real-world-get-it-done knowledge, and applying the by-the-book to exam questions. The other stuff? Save it for the real world. 

Find more about SWTP's free practice test here...details about the free SWTP study guide here...and here's an updated list of places to find additional free practice.

Of course hoping you'll consider full-length practice tests to get the feel of what it's like to sit for the real thing--170 questions and a ticking clock. Sign up to get started. Good luck!

March 15, 2009
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