BrainMy list of things to slam into my brain as test day nears.

  • Family Therapy Theories (Structural vs. Strategic vs...)

  • Psych Testing (MMPI vs. MACI vs...)

  • Differentials (Schizophrenoform vs. Schizophrenia vs....; Bipolar I vs. Bipolar II vs. Cyclothymia...; Conversion vs. Factitious vs...)

  • Legal Stuff (CA 1024 vs. 5150 vs...; Parental consent of tx; Abuse reporting)

  • Neurotransmitters 101 (Seratonin vs. Dopamine vs....)

  • Meds 101 (TCAs vs. MAOIs vs...)

  • PDDs and other kids stuff (I work with adults)

  • What goes on during already memorized developmental stages (Piaget, Erikson)

  • Stuff I'd never heard of before exam prepping (Gonsalves's stages for new immigrants; Marlatt's relapse prevention...)

  • Rationales of questions missed on practice exams

Play along at home!  Send helpful materials for posting:  socialworkprep [at]

And Happy World Social Work Day.

UPDATED:  Also...

  • Missions of various social work-related roles (QA, Ombudsman,  Mediator, etc.)

  • "Proxemics" vs. "Kinesics" vs. "Paralanguage" ('cause it was in a practice question)

  • Maybe brush up on testing and stats lingo, just in case  (is it on there or not?)

March 17, 2009