BronzeThis new comment just popped up on an old post. Reprinted here so people actually see it. Congratulations, Eva!:

Ok, so I just took the standard exam two days ago. I bought the AATBS material - bronze package. I took four days off of work - and studied Thursday through Monday. I took it Tuesday and passed. The material is super extensive and, in my opinion, complete overkill. I didn't need to know half of what I studied. I believe these companies make their living off of the anxiety produced by having to take these is in their interest to foster it.

That said, the piece that was extremely helpful was going through the online exams, and reading through the rationale for each question - right or wrong. The key element is learning to read each question carefully to look at 1) the relevant information about the clients - what they present with or what they ask for; and 2) paying attention to what the questions ask EXACTLY.

Most of the answers really come down to which right answer do you do first - in other words, how do you prioritize the right actions because most options include at least two "right" answers. Hope this helps for those that follow.

Oh, and the highest overall percentage I got on the practice exams was 68% - the lowest I got was 52%.

October 15, 2009
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