The ASWB Exam Guide You Already OwnWhat's on the ASWB exam? One way to get a handle on it: read the application to be an exam item writer, which you may or may not be able to track down on it's there, sometime's it's not.  The basic instructions to exam writing hopefulls may help you know what to expect when you expect to be taking the ASWB exam.  One example, questions are supposed to include necessary information only.  If there's info in the question, it should help direct you to the correct answer.  No tricks, no smoke and mirrors.  Just simple social work--do you know it or don't you? 

Also worth noting:  Writers are asked to present a reference for each sample item they submit. Meaning, they're probably going to whatever's on their bookshelf to use as a reference. What do they have on their bookshelves? All the same books you have from social work school.  Those big, overpriced textbooks-- Hepworth, etc.  Give you any ideas about what to review...?

October 21, 2009
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