RelievedCongratulations Cara!

I used Gerry Grossman and liked it a lot - had purchased the AATBS for another state and then went with GG for CA. I took the test yesterday and passed. I thought the classes were very helpful (though expensive) because it limited the info you need to know and gives you great little visual ideas on how to remember a lot of the info with timeframes, ages, etc. I was scoring between 68% and 79% on a full 200 questions practice test and in the high 80's in individual areas after studying them.

I thought the actual test was more abstract, theoretical and integrated knowlege of theory, stage of tx, and DX in one question - the practice test quetsions were a bit more straight forward. I felt I had studied a lot of info I never had to recall and really had to focus hard to make sure I read the questions correctly and then read the answer sets carefully too. It wasnt as hard a I expected in terms of content - I felt ready having used my GG materials but the test requires a lot of critical and intense thinking.

I recommend the GG materials and the CD's were good while driving around - never used the flash card,wound up making my own since I am a doer/visual learner. The exam focussed on CBT, Systems, Bowen, Structural, and a lot of psychodymanic - also know the 'schiz' DX's and their diferentials. Good luck!

UPDATE: Best bet for ASWB exam prep is now, of course, SWTP!

April 4, 2010
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