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This applies only to the CA vignette exam. The thing about the vignette exam is that it's complicated.  Long vignettes, groups of long, similar answers.  Typical result while studying:  dizziness, confusion, frustration.  Solution:  Slow down. You can try just winging it; not recommended.  Better to be extremely deliberate with this one.  

First, adopt a rating system (0-2 if you're AATBSing, checks, plus/minus, or other symbols if you're not).   Then apply--run practice questions and exams online, rate each answer in each answer set. Then comes the part you may be tempted to skip:  Look at the rationales given by the test-prep course for how they got to the right answer.  How did they rate each answer part?  Are your zeros (or checks or plus/minuses or whatever) the same as what they came up with?  If not, why not?  Checking against the test-prep course this way is laborious and not a lot of fun.  But it works.

You're not learning content for the second CA exam.  You already know the content--that's how you got through the first exam.  You also know how to get yourself through a long exam--this one's only half of the first--a mere two hours.  What you're learning this time is how to best approach this very peculiar test.  It's probably unlike any you've ever taken.  But it's very doable.  You can pass.  There are people passing every day.

So:  Rate, check ratings, repeat.  Result:  Less dizziness, more licensure. Good luck!

April 3, 2010
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