Social Work Podcast

A new Social Work Podcast is up:   Communities that Care, an interview with Richard Catalano, PhD.

Before we get to the interview, I want you to imagine for a moment how you would work with a pregnant 16-year old sexual abuse survivor who was addicted to crack, semi-illiterate, suicidal, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and whose baby daddy was prostituting her in exchange for drugs. Ok, got your treatment plan figured out? If you're thinking, "I know I need to address her suicidality first, but after that, I'm not really sure," then you'd be right, and you're probably not alone...

As part of your studying process, it can't hurt to steep yourself in social work conversation and information.  You never know what might help you with that one extra correct answer that gets you your license.  Alert: The podcast starts playing as soon as you go to the page, so you may want to mute your computer before clicking through at work.

March 24, 2010
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