Finish LineFrom PsychCentral, 7 Tips for Coping with Finals.  'Cause what's the social work exam if not a big, big final?  The bullets:

1. Schedule your time to focus on studying.

2. Don't blow off sleep.

3. Shut down social networking and gaming.

4. Don't blow off eating.

5. Try rewriting or summarizing your notes & chapters.

6. Don't forget "me time."

7. Cramming may work, but…

Reasons and details in the article.

What is it about cramming? Why doesn't it work for the social work licensing exam?

Really, it comes down to limited retention and lack of deep understanding. The ASWB exam isn't a simple regurgitation test (learn fact, spit fact back out). It requires applying knowledge in close-call situations. Very hard to cram for. Cramming can also increase stress, hamper exam-day time management, and lead to burnout. Regular review and spaced learning yield better results. Start early, create a study schedule, and practice with tests that recreate the experience of the real thing. Consider seeking support from study groups, peers, and instructors to gain extra insights. 

You've got this. It's just a matter of time. 

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

April 27, 2011