Screenshot, socialwork.careerA blog by Dorlee M., MBA, MSW, putting those two degrees to use helping social workers.  Here's her collection of exam-related posts, which includes a couple of sets of free practice exams, exam tips, etc.

Included among the offerings are two acronyms, FAREAFI and ASPIRINS, which some have found helpful when tackling FIRST and BEST questions ("What should the social worker do FIRST?, "What is the BEST course of action?"). They may or may not help you. Try them out when you run through our practice tests and judge for yourself. 


  • F: Feelings of the client be acknowledged first above all. Begin building rapport.
  • A: Assess
  • R: Refer
  • E: Educate
  • A: Advocate
  • F: Facilitate
  • I: Intervene


  • A: Acknowledge client concerns and Assess
  • S: Start where the patient is.
  • P: Protect life.
  • I: Intoxicated? Do not treat.
  • R: Rule out medical issue.
  • I: Informed consent.
  • N: Non-judgmental.
  • S: Support self-determination.

Not on the SWCD page, but maybe also worth trying out, this alternate version of ASPIRINS. 


  • Acknowledge
  • Refer
  • Educate
  • Advocate
  • Facilitate
  • Intervene

The mentions here aren't an endorsement of these tools. They're just something people use and like. Maybe you will too.

July 27, 2012
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