SWTP gets tutoring requests all the time.  Badly needed: tutors to do the tutoring! Do you know your way around the social work licensing exam?  Good with test preparation?  Helpful with test anxiety? Please send your resume and a short description of your experience with the exam and, if you have any, with tutoring to:


Tutors play a crucial role in helping individuals prepare for the ASWB exam by providing personalized guidance, support, and resources. Here are some common strategies tutors may employ:

  • Assessment: Tutors typically begin by assessing the individual's strengths and areas needing improvement. This can involve reviewing past coursework, practice exams, and discussing the individual's understanding of key concepts.

  • Customized Study Plan: Based on the assessment, tutors develop a customized study plan tailored to the individual's needs. This plan may include specific topics to focus on, study schedules, and recommended resources.

  • Review of Content: Tutors review the content covered in the ASWB exam, ensuring that the individual has a comprehensive understanding of the relevant theories, concepts, and practice methods.

  • Test-Taking Strategies: Tutors teach time management, how to approach different question types, and techniques for eliminating incorrect answer choices.
  • Feedback and Support: Tutors offer constructive feedback on practice exams and study materials, helping individuals identify areas for improvement and reinforcing their strengths. They also provide ongoing support and encouragement throughout the preparation process.

  • Updates on Exam Changes: Tutors stay informed about any updates or changes to the ASWB exam content or format and ensure that their students are adequately prepared for these changes.

Tutoring happens on the phone, when you want it to--a great way to pick up some extra cash while helping people help people.

February 11, 2011
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