Tutor Susan Mankita, LCSWA short bio of Susan Mankita, LCSW--social worker, professor, clinical supervisor, exam prep tutor:

A proud professional social worker for almost 25 years, Susan believes that any social worker, once given the right tools, can pass their licensure exam. She has developed a licensure preparation curriculum and handbook, used to teach her full day licensure prep workshop for NASW's Florida Chapter. Over the past four years, her course and her private tutoring with re-takers have helped hundreds pass the exam. Following an individualized assessment, she works with unlicensed social workers to strengthen their knowledge and teach them how to apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to passing the exam.

Susan currently teaches social work practice and human behavior at Florida International University's Stempel School of Public Health and Social Work.

To get in touch with Susan, write info@socialworktestprep.com. Use the subject line "Tutoring with Susan."

October 19, 2012
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