How I Passed The Social Work ExamFrom the New Social Worker Online, here's a 10-tip, exam-passing how-to by Ammu Kowolik, LMSW.  The bullets follow--details on the site:

1. First thing to do, and the thing you must consistently do throughout your studying and testing process: Find a way to battle your ANXIETY! 

2. Find a study partner. 

3. Register and schedule your exam. 

4. Consider what helps you with recall. 

5. The exam is not "all clinical" stuff. 

6. Take a review course to help you know what you need to know. 

7. Know the NASW Code of Ethics. 

8. Find supplemental study materials. 

9. Think positively. 

10. And lastly, TRUST YOUR GUT.

October 19, 2012
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