California FlagExam changes are coming in California.  Starting in 2014  [UPDATE: CHANGE POSTPONED TO 2016], the vignette exam will be retired and replaced by a new law and ethics exam, which will be taken during internship time.  The standard written becomes the "clinical exam," taken after internship hours are complete.  The clinical exam is likely to be administered by the ASWB--stay tuned!  From the BBS

Under current law, applicants must take and pass a standard written examination upon completion of examination eligibility requirements, including completion of experience requirements. Once an applicant passes the standard written examination, they are eligible to take a clinical vignette examination. An applicant must pass both examinations to be eligible for licensure [...]

Effective January 1, 2014, SB 704 requires applicants for licensure to pass two new exams: a California law and ethics examination and a clinical examination. These new exams would replace the standard written and the clinical vignette exams currently in place.

  • The California law and ethics examination will be taken during the registration period while the applicant gains experience hours.
  • The clinical examination will be taken once the registrant has completed all supervised work experience, education requirements, and passed the California law and ethics examination [...]

As January 1, 2014 draws closer, the Board will provide further information on how this will affect current registrants at the time the restructure takes place, as well as how it will affect those already in the exam cycle. The Board will also provide additional information on the new California law and ethics examination and the clinical examination.

October 22, 2012
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