reporting colleague unethical behavior Here's a section of the NASW Code of Ethics that doesn't seem particularly complicated, but still may show up on the licensing exam. Maybe that's because of it's simplicity. From the Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues section of the Code, here's 2.11 Reporting Unethical Conduct:

(a) Social workers should take adequate measures to discourage, prevent, expose, and correct the unethical conduct of colleagues.

(b) Social workers should be knowledgeable about established policies and procedures for handling concerns about colleagues' unethical behavior. Social workers should be familiar with national, state, and local procedures for handling ethics complaints. These include policies and procedures created by NASW, licensing and regulatory bodies, employers, agencies, and other professional organizations.

(c) Social workers who believe that a colleague has acted unethically should seek resolution by discussing their concerns with the colleague when feasible and when such discussion is likely to be productive.

(d) Social workers should defend and assist colleagues who are unjustly charged with unethical conduct.

Part of what the licensing board is aiming to do is ensure licensed social workers aren't unnecessarily combative--that they play well with others.  What do you do if you suspect a colleague is acting unethically? The FIRST, BEST, MOST appropriate answer talk to the colleague (per C above). Social workers are helpers and talkers. Be ready for an exam item that checks to make sure you understand that.

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December 4, 2013
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