I passedA new flurry of email from pleased, now-licensed SWTP customers. Congratulations, everyone!

From Karen P.:

I got 127 Qs right; 101 were required to pass...I learned so much using [SWTP] that I continue using it even after I passed!  It keeps me sharp and thinking and it has become a fun exercise for me!  (I must have gone off my rocker from all this.)  Thanks for a great product!"

From Sonnya N.:

I passed my exam in October! I firmly believe that the practice exams were a key to my success on the exam. Having been out of school for over 10 years and not used to the whole studying thing anymore, I thought the test questions were very helpful in my review of information and helped me identify areas that needed more attention.  Thank you!

From Cynthia H.:

SWTP questions greatly helped because they look like what the exam is asking. It was great to review so many sample questions and the links attached. Since busy working full time, it was difficult to read old study books/manuals. This was more timely and engaging. It helped organize the content so I felt better prepared.

From Katie E.:

I took my test and passed on the first try.  This prep test helped me so much! 

Congratulations, all! And thanks for writing!


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December 8, 2013
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