MinuchinPosting on Salvador Minuchin's birthday (October 13th). A good day for brushing up on Structural Family Therapy for the social work exam.  Here are some free resources to help you out:

And this video will get you up to speed on Structural Family Therapy in about seven minutes. Enjoy!

Don't feel like clicking through? Here's Wikipedia's Minuchin summary:

Salvador Minuchin (October 13, 1921 – October 30, 2017) was a family therapist born and raised in San Salvador, Entre Ríos, Argentina. He developed structural family therapy, which addresses problems within a family by charting the relationships between family members, or between subsets of family. These charts represent power dynamics as well as the boundaries between different subsystems. The therapist tries to disrupt dysfunctional relationships within the family, and cause them to settle back into a healthier pattern.

See a couple of chart examples in a Minuchin book here.

October 13, 2013
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