aswb result - pass Search Instagram for "LCSW" or "LMSW" and you'll come up with social worker after social worker having proudly snapped their results from the social work licensing exam. One word stands out in all caps: PASS.

Passing the social work licensing exam is a huge moment in a social worker's career. But how do you get there?

The first step, which most people who've found their way to this site already know, is to get yourself into a master's program, study, do the internships, learn, learn, learn...and get your MSW. After that, celebrate! For the next step, things differ state to state.  Generally, it's time to get to work, get your supervised hours, learn, learn, learn...and file paperwork with your state social work board.

Then, finally, you're cleared to take the social work licensing exam. Nicely done!

This is where SWTP comes in. The social work exam is probably unlike any test you've taken. Sure, it's multiple choice, sure it's just more social work. But this time it's 170 multiple choice questions about social work (200 in California!). This time the exam is going to take up to four hours.

We've said this elsewhere: You probably already know, or have learned at some point, the bulk of the content you need to have down to get through the exam. Content is important, yes. Definitely aim to be well acquainted with the NASW Code of Ethics, with the essentials of the DSM, with the basics of human development--with all that good stuff you need to know to be an effective, responsible social worker.  But, remember, it's easy to get carried away with learning all the mounds of content that might show up on the exam.  

It's the process of taking the exam that takes the most preparation--getting used to applying  all that content knowledge and all your common sense on all those questions, over all that time. That's why we made SWTP's practice tests. We believe doing real-time, realistic practice tests is the very best way to prepare to get through the exam and get your social work license!

You can do it. People get licensed all the time, all over the place. It's a years-long process from start to finish, one that can be overwhelming in lots of different ways. Getting past the final hurdle, the licensing exam, doesn't have to be the most difficult part.

To get started with SWTP, sign up. A free, ten-question sample test is here; more details about how SWTP works are here

Good luck! Congratulations in advance!

October 15, 2013
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