studying alone Preparing for the social work licensing exam can be a long, lonely slog. But you don't have to study alone. There are a huge number people in the same boat as you at any time during your exam prep. Lots of them are looking for someone to studying alongside. Someone to help motivate, focus, and organize the study process. And to just make it generally less of a bummer.

But how do you locate such people? One simple way: take a look at SWTP's Study Groups page. People post regularly from around the country and beyond (e.g., Canada, cyberspace), in search of study partners for the exam. Some of these are hyper-local (a small town in Alabama). Others, less so (say, Chicago-area). The least geographically specific study partner-seekers may be the easiest ones to join forces with. If you've got a internet connection (if you're reading this, you do), you can team up virtually using Skype, Google Hangout, or the plain old telephone.

What's stopping you? Studying in pairs and groups has been shown to improve outcomes in many cases. You get someone to compare yourself to, to commiserate with, and to celebrate your victory once you hit the finish line--the one-word finish line that says "PASS." Nothing to it. Good luck!

January 27, 2015