wiki globe Once upon a time--just a few years back--there was no difficulty locating people who frowned upon using Wikipedia as a reliable source of information. "Crowd-sourced" seemed to equal "iffy." Things change fast. While some professors may not okay Wikipedia in a paper's bibliography, there's no reason you can't lean on the site for lots of valuable wisdom, particularly all things social work exam.

Ready to dig in and get going on the road to licensure? Here's a good place to start: Wikipedia's Outline of Psychology. Linked from this master page, good summaries plus detailed explanations about loads of topics that warrant taking a look at in advance of the big exam. What's Gestalt Psychology? How do you get all those terms in behaviorism straight? Just what did Freud actually say? Answers await. Also take a look at the site's Social Work page--particularly Social Work: Practice. Trying to sort out the difference between existential, humanistic, and feminist therapies? Click away!

Budget, speed, and clarity-loving exam-preppers may very likely find that they prefer Wikipedia to bulky books of exam prep material. Wikipedia costs nothing (zero dollars!), allows fast and focused access to the information you're seeking, and generally includes nice summaries of key information at the top of each topic page.

Once upon a time is in the past. Crowd-sourcing, at least in Wikipedia's case, is working. So get clicking, get learning, and good luck on the exam!


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January 29, 2015
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