Here's an email from soon-to-be-licensed social worker and happy SWTP user, Miriam:

didn't realize

If you can't see the image, here's the key stuff:

Hi There! This website has been an invaluable resource for my studying...I didn't realize that I would end up buying all 4 [exams] and wish now that I had just gotten the 4 test package deal to begin with.

She bought each exam one at a time, then realized that she should've purchased the four-exam bundle. People do it all the time. Consider saving yourself the headache--and the cash!--and get a multi-exam bundle at the outset. (The best deal is now the complete bundle which includes five full-length practice tests and two boosters, one all DSM, one all ethics.)

Find more details about the SWTP program, including a link to pricing, the Get Started page here. To get started, sign up.

Good luck with the exam!

May 7, 2015