Social Worker Denise Burgert From the SWTP inbox, a great social work exam success story from Denise Burgert:

I passed the social work exam and got my LSW two years ago in April. It took me three times taking it to pass. I don't think I prepared myself for the difficulty of the exam in the beginning. The questions are very wordy at times with unnecessary information.

I knuckled down. With your help and one month of my devoted time, I studied and practiced until I finally passed it. Thank you for providing me with the tools to utilize. I must say, after the second time not passing the exam, especially with only failing by one point, I was very feeling very defeated. My young son at the time felt this defeat just by being in my presence, and he encouraged me by saying, "Mom, don't give up." 

As far as your tries for passing this test, the first try is the worst (I was 20 pts away from passing), the second is the best (I was only one pt away from passing), but the third try is the one with the Treasure Chest!  He was right.  With my dedication, the support of my kiddo, and the help from Social Work Test Prep, I not only passed my exam, but also obtained the job that I only wished to have while completing my internship.  I am at a Bachelor's degree level with my LSW and I am currently salaried at 47,500 and doing what I absolutely love to do! 

Thank you so much.  And to all of those who feel defeat, don't ever give up.  Your Treasure Chest is awaiting you too!  YOU CAN DO THIS!  Best of luck to all of you.


Congratulations, Denise! Thanks for writing!

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May 18, 2015
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