millie passed the social work exam"I passed the clinical social work exam!" Millie used SWTP practice tests, prepped, went in, and got it done. Thus, the smiling photo! The details of how exactly she went about prepping, we don't know. Everyone prepares a little differently. Some take months and learn items across the content outline in depth. They get to exam day, sit down in front of that screen, answer questions, and pass. Others trust themselves when it comes to taking a big, four-hour long multiple-choice test. They don't get started preparing in earnest till much closer to their exam day. A few practice tests later, they consider themselves prepared. They get to exam day, get into that testing center, take a deep breath, and, just like the longer-term preppers, they pass.

Which is you? Or are you somewhere in between?

You know best how you can most effectively structure your exam-prep time. You've made it this far. Get that exam date decided upon, set your sights on passing, and, when you're ready, dig in!

Regardless of how long you're giving yourself (or are able to carve out), practice tests are an agreed-upon essential to getting good and ready to pass the ASWB exam. Practice gets you both exposure to exam content and to what it feels like to sit for all those questions. Which is more important? It's the content, it's the's the content and the process! There's no right answer to these questions...just right answers to the questions on the social work exam!

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Congratulations, Millie!

Congratulations, all of you, in advance. Happy studying and good luck with the exam!

August 11, 2017
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