"I passed the LSW exam. SWTP helped! Thank you!"

aiyanna passed the social work examCongratulations, Aiyanna!

You're next! Get started with SWTP's full-length practice tests--plus our DSM and Ethics booster tests--by choosing exams. Nothing helps get you ready for exam day like real-time, 170-question practice tests. Recommended course: Set aside a four-hour chunk of undistracted time and take a practice test as if it's the real thing. That way, you start to feel what it's like to face vignette after vignette, decision after decision (which answer is correct?) for the long haul. After that, review your answers--some skip the ones they've gotten right, others go question by question and read every rationale to better understand what's what in that topic area. Find another chunk of time, if you can, and repeat the process.

It's time-consuming and can be draining. But it works. Just ask Aiyanna!

Good luck!

August 20, 2017